About Us



  Balvina Maitri is an artisan goods company offering home, body and face products inspired by our grandmother, Balvina Lebron. Her natural ability to heal and her spiritual presence made everyone feel secure and taken care of. Balvina, lived in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, and would often have people come from all parts just to sit and enjoy a cup of her herbal tea blends. During those tea sessions it wasn't about her, but more about being able to make someone feel welcomed, in a state of peace and in a space of positive energy. I was so young, but knew what I was witnessing was special and that people should always help and show love to one another. That experience left a lasting impression on me and I wanted to be that beacon of light and pass that spirit onto my children as well. 

  As being first & second-generation granddaughters of Balvina, we wanted to share with you our grandmother's legacy of healing home remedies and rituals and our love for design which is what led us to, Balvina Maitri. We’ve created a product line that’s consciously crafted with materials and natural ingredients that are good for our minds, bodies, and souls. Every item is made 100% from scratch and by hand with a high focus on detail and quality. You can enjoy your Balvina Maitri goods guilt free as we are a non-toxic, cruelty free, and vegan friendly company! 

Balvina = Mama               

Maitri =  Loving Kindness 

Established 2016 in Brooklyn, NY